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What you can do to help your body!

  Here are a few tips on how to keep your body healthy:  Eat healthy food every day and try and avoid high sugar drinks and lollies like Coke and M&M’s. Drink lots of water especially on hot summer days! Always do plenty of exercise.Sports like rugby, tennis, swimming and basketball are all fun sports, plus they get you fit!

French childeren eat everything!

Today I read an article about french food while looking up heathy lunch box ideas. I learnt that french kids  will eat anything. It’s amazing isn’t it? Here is an example of a french kids school lunch box. Source: Instead of a sandwich french childeren have grilled chicken, green peas and beet salald – sounds super heathy! You know when your eating heathy because

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Nutrition is full of all sorts of lies, myths and misconceptions.

What people believe to be true is often the exact opposite of the truth.

Here are 11 “diet” foods that are actually making people fatter.

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What’s Really In A Big Mac?

A Big Mac contains over 72 ingredients – many of which I wouldn’t be happy putting in my (or my kids) mouths.

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9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World’s Health

Which is better – butter or margarine? We have been wrongly advised to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol, despite no evidence of harm.

Here are the top 9 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions about dietary fat and cholesterol.

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