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Top tips for turning kids into green thumbs

Plant anything you want but that depends where you live. Here are some of the things you may plant: lettuce, carrot, tomato, strawberrys and parsely. During the video Jason gives great ways to mark your vege patch.

French childeren eat everything!

Today I read an article about french food while looking up heathy lunch box ideas. I learnt that french kids  will eat anything. It’s amazing is’n it? Here is an example of a french kids school lunch box. Source: I stead of a sandwich french childeren have grilled chicken, green peas and beet salald – soands super heathy! You know when your eating

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Nutrition is full of all sorts of lies, myths and misconceptions. What people believe to be true is often the exact opposite of the truth. Here are 11 “diet” foods that are actually making people fatter.

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